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Thursday, November 20, 2008

The scantily of rife.

Do you name inanimate objects?

Well, then you're wrong.

We live in a world where a fetus remains unnamed, is not counted in the census nor assigned a social security number, and is thrown away as medical waste rather than given a funeral.

I don't see a problem here.

All of the pro-lifers I've had to try and reason with have left me feeling pretty strongly that they are mentally congruent to the person who tries to defend the legal rights and "personhood" of the tightly coiled turds that he has just secreted into the leeward corner of his bus shelter.

Even social conservatives themselves say "we have two children plus one on the way" rather than "we have three children." That to me demonstrates a startling lack of consistency from a group that sustains itself on doublespeak: one finds logical fallacies at every turn throughout their youth indoctrination programs with their attendant delusional literature.

My take? Mandatory abortion. That's right: suck out every fetus, from every trout trap, worldwide. It's the only solution to our problem.

Just imagine how much better we all would be, had you not been born.

That's just my take on it, and we all know how I feel about having kids.

Sunday, October 19, 2008

Adding a low profile PCI card to a morex 3677 mini itx case.

Originally posted 12-24-2004, here. Any combination of compatible mini itx board that would fit in the case and any suitably short PCI card should work so long as the ports have clearance. I actually plan to revisit this one including pictures since much nicer gear has come out in the 4 (!) years since I orignially did this.


I use a Linksys Wireless G PCI card in my Morex 3677 with an Via Epia MII 1.2 Ghz

It's easy to do in a few steps (preferably before you install anything, as metal shavings are bad).

Remove the original PCI backplate off of the card (save it for mounting a switch or for neatly routing cables in/out of the back of your tower case).

On the 3677/3688, get rid of the serial port knockout above the power jack, and with a dremel or file remove the upper corners of the knockout hole, so the antenna jack can fit through.

Install motherboard and card, and attach antenna.

Just be carefull that you don't bend the card to the side! You might wanna disconnect the antenna while transporting it, or use a rubber grommet or something to keep everything from moving around (mine is stationary, so whatever).

PCI cards get quite warm, so mind your temps. I'm personally looking to rip a few minifans out of some laptop carcasses and undervolt the annoying whine out of them.

Maybe when I do that and a few other things I'll make a "pimp your 3677/3688" how-to.


Wednesday, February 14, 2007

Self-Laid Bricks of Fury

Uniform Resource Identifier or,
Unclefucking Retarded Internet

This is a blog post you are reading, got that? In a blog, some undereducated dick-drip like myself spouts off bullshit about which no one gives two licks of a mole-rat's foreskin. Bloggers also end their sentences awkwardly and rack up plenty of participles, dangling like oh so many dingleberries at Stiletto's. Also a lot of annoying alliteration and sentence fragments.

Wikipedia is a collaborative project towards a user-contributed encyclopedia. It certainly isn't the first one, but despite a rabid legion of Wikipedians dedicated to correct and delete articles it quickly became the Liberal Media's punching bag: the fetid "evening news" programs started informing the hoi polloi that teachers don't want their students to simply print out Wikipedia articles with their names on top: this humble observer thinks the teachers should have been glad that they were being saved the strain of figuring out how far down the Google results the kids went to arrange their mashup of poorly cited made up info. Anyway the point is that now we have buzzwords hanging off of everyone's lips reminiscent of that recent dose of Herpecil.

Enter Your Humble Narrator (pictured). I know well enough that any heavy-breathing funseeker can smear the Cheetos off his hands and onto his greezy black shirt so as to squirt out an entry, but I still consult it for quick, non life-threatening data. I saw a History Channel program about candy, and the chocolate bar segment brought back years of memories from my tenuous relationship with Krackel. I resolved to find out once and for all why NeoConservatives don't want me to have chocolate.

Picture my dismay, then, as I made a critical mistake: I had Google and not the venerable W selected in my Firefox searchbar, and feeling lazy I just clicked on one of the first links GOOG spat at me.


The fourth word made me pause, and I should have known not to continue. Alas, I am a hopeless moron and read it all the way through.

I began convulsing in anger as a gutteral voice emanated from deep within my voice-bowels: "GET A FUCKING BLOG YOU DAMAGED SOULSUCKER!!"

Sorry; in retrospect you would'a got a metric fuckton more out of this whole Internet thing had you spent all of this time beating off.

Tuesday, January 23, 2007

Hungarian Butt Sluts . Com


It's the Napster of Myspace.

Oh, if only I could dazzle the world like hai2u. Or Dickcream (RIP).

I mean, come on: WhoreBoat is so postmodern, or something.
(I shrink the browser window and sail him across the screen)

Truth be told; I always wanted to just start buying up all manner of URLs, like how Jeffrey Rowland was two and a half years ago.

Rice Roll Long Donut!

Must Eat Huge Rice Roll Long Donut!!!

More Eat!


Roff Roff Roff!

Gnar! and... Glogg!!

Rice Roll Long Donut! It's The Only Thing In Life!

Thursday, April 20, 2006

Question Blocks

Tuesday, April 18, 2006

make your own liquid magnets

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